High Quality American Buckle Reproductions

Since 1975 the Parsley name has been known for reproducing precise sand casting. We began with historical american belt buckles but have grown to include many other items such as belt buckles for organizations, Fire Departments, colleges and more.

When a museum or antique collector needs a replacement part for a piece of furniture or lamp they call us. We have supplied Sutlers, re-creators, museums, movie makers, and collectors around the globe with the finest reproductions available.

All items are sand cast in high quality brass. Our patterns are formed from originals and the reproduction is an exact copy in every way. If the original had some wear or small infraction it will be reflected in the reproduction. Each is individually hand worked and finished in the traditional way of the 1800’s.

All orders will take up to 30 days for delivery.

We apologize for any inconvenience.