The Story of Parsley's Brass

The Parsley name has been known for reproducing copies of original buckles for over four decades. After my great uncle, H.W. Parsley retired he focused on his hobby, the Civil War and hunting for Civil War relics. He had many friends that were also relic hunters and soon his interests drew him to learn to reproduce originals. He had some experience with casting from years earlier and he used this knowledge to begin casting reproductions.

Day after day he would cast buckles learning as he went. Some days he would end up with nothing. He would start again the next day remembering the mistakes of the day before. Through this process he gained more and more experience.

As a young teen I would visit my great uncle and became interested in what he was doing. He taught me the most important thing about this type of casting. Patience. Patience is what it took to create a perfect reproduction. Relying on his years of experience, he taught me to get better and better until we were making high quality reproductions. By word of mouth, people soon found out we were making high quality reproductions from originals. Because of the caliber of our reproductions Sutlers and re-enactors were encouraging us to make more. They kept us very busy. They were thrilled with the consistency and quality of our work. This encouraged me to take a chance and turn my hobby into a living.

In 1982 my wife, Jamie,  joined me after she had become interested in the casting process. As time went by our customers grew to include museums such as: The Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Daughters of the Confederacy in Richmond, Kennesaw Mountain Historical Association in Georgia as well as other. We also produced work for Sutler's and Park Services. Our products are in movies such as Gettysburg, Gods and Generals and The Alamo. Parsley’s Brass has been successful because our highest priority is to give our customers the highest quality product available.

As our family grew, we became strictly a mail order business. As much as we loved to travel and bring our products to the public, we decided to stay home and raise our family. Now with the internet we are able to bring our buckles back to the public. We can't stress enough that the encouragement from family, friends and customers, kept us making buckles of this quality when there was no profit to be made, because of them we are still reproducing buckles today.

Thanks to all of you,
Tim and Jamie Parsley
Parsley's Brass