Historical Buckles

Parsley's Brass got there start re-producing Civil War artifacts and have now expanded to include reproductions as far back as Pre-revolutionary war as well as other historical items. When authenticity is required Parsley's Brass is the one to call. They have been asked to make reproductions for big Hollywood movies such as "one", "two" and "three".

Fire & EMS Buckles

Parsley's Brass has designed special belt buckles just for Fire Departments that designat rank and accomplishment. These custom belt buckles can be used by any Fire Department in any community and can be modified specifically for local stations. If you have a fireman in your life these buckles make a great gift that they will wear proudly.

Free Mason Buckles

Local Masonic Lodges have been the backbone of community support for hundreds of years. Parsley Brass created these hand crafted Masonic buckles for members to wear proudly in their community and they make great gifts.

Custom Buckles

Custom Buckles can be designed and cast for any occasion. Parsley Brass has created custom buckles for large and small businesses, events, associations, movies and more. Have a buckle in mind? Give us a call, we can make it happen.

Modern Buckles

When people think of Parsley's Brass they think of reproduction and antique brass but we also make an assortment of products that are popular today. Take a few minutes to visit our online store to see what we have to offer. We're sure you'l find something you'll like.


Have an antique piece of furniture or lamp that is missing a piece of hardware? Parsley's Brass has worked with the Smithsonian, Virginia Musem of Fine Arts, Colonial Williamsburg and private residences to help them restore priceless artifacts.